Welcome to Valencia at the Park

Experience the allure of Valencia at the Park, beautifully situated at the scenic crossroads of Orange Street and Lake Avenue in the tranquil Garden District of Lakeland, Florida. Ideally located in the East Lake Morton Historic District, this charming complex stands proudly opposite the picturesque Lake Mirror Center, offering breathtaking views of the Barnett Family Park.
Our architectural design pays homage to the region's historical heritage, effortlessly merging with the historic ambiance of the surroundings. Each ground-level unit opens onto a generously sized porch, upheld by majestic columns, creating the perfect setting for relaxation and enjoying the serene environment. The second-floor townhomes boast a captivating gabled, three-arch porch, echoing the charm of a 1920s home. This particular design element respectfully acknowledges a historic residence that once adorned our site, now thoughtfully relocated to nearby Lime Street.
Valencia at the Park is more than a mere living space; it stands as a celebration of historical elegance, beautifully woven into the fabric of contemporary living.